Ulfa Aid

Ulfa Aid is a registered charity, founded in 2004, by Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir.

After seeing the destructive tsunami that took place in indonesia, the charity was set-up to build homes for homeless. The charity thereafter continued to work in disaster zones in Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan, Darfur and Somalia.

Ulfa Aid committed to building and supporting communities both locally in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

Our UK focus is on serving the needs of those who are vulnerable, marginalised and isolated. Our approach is to research, develop and implement lasting solutions to issues on a micro-level that are sustainable to the local community. Finally, we advocate for change on behalf of the most disenfranchised sections of our society.

We are keen to work in close partnership with other charities and organisations that share our aims and perspective and who are seeking tangible solutions to the issues we care about.

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